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{about me}
My name is Kim Flum. I live in Los Angeles. I have an MBA in both marketing & management. Additionally, I have studied entrepreneurship, consulting, leadership, sustainability and mindfulness. But my passion is for marketing, communications & design.


In grad school, I was classified as an ENTJ by Mesdames Myers and Briggs. I would have to enthusiastically agree with their description.
Visionary? Right on.


I current work as a marketing & digital media director for a large entertainment company. I also consult in all areas of strategic marketing, integrated marketing communications (IMC) and emerging/new media marketing.

My area of expertise is integrated marketing communications & creating return-on-investment (ROI) optimized strategic marketing plans. I excel at identifying opportunities for improvement & developing data-driven best practices. 

I use data to improve & optimize ROI. Period.


I believe work is love. And I love what I do. I am having a lot of fun.


Contact me at: kim@kimflum.com